Wireless Credit Card Machines

TMS is now shipping top-of-the-line NURIT 8000 Wireless credit card processing machines FREE to all new merchants enrolling for a merchant account!!

The NURIT 8000 is a flexible, lightweight, handheld wireless credit card machine that enables fast, secure, error-free transactions for on-the-go merchants. The sophisticated multi-application platform supports a range of payment & value-added services – including credit, debit, T&E, EBT, smart cards, prepaid, loyalty, gift & proprietary cards – as well as business management solutions such as inventory control, dispatch, delivery, etc. The unit supports a variety of cellular networks, and comes to your ready to use with newest GPRS wireless network. The GPRS provides the most extensive and reliable service of any wireless network. All Nurit 8000 wireless credit card machines include an easy-to-load thermal printer, a touch screen, built-in PIN Pad, EMV smart card reader and 12 hour battery and charger. Additionally when you apply for your merchant account with Total Merchant Services to receive your FREE Nurit 8000 wireless credit card machines, you receive these additional benefits:

External Modem

Vehicle Adapter

Note: This terminal replaces the Nurit 3010 and 2090 series terminals.

* No application fees
* No setup fees
* No programming fees
* No annual fees
* No leases or upfront payments of any kind
* Free terminal upgrades should your terminal every become outdated

In addition, under our Merchant Advantage program you receive FREE lifetime terminal replacement in the unlikely event that any of your wireless credit card machines fail, and that including shipping, FREE receipt paper, online account access and deep discounting on your Federal Express® shipments.

Click Here For NURIT 8000 Technical Specifications.

Check out these advanced features of the Nurit 8000 wireless credit card machine!

* Secure internal pin pad with triple DES encryption
* Internal high-speed radio modem with internal antenna
* Fast high-power 32 bit ARM processor
* Large, backlit, easy to read graphical display with multi-language fonte support
* Fast, quiet, easy load thermal printer – no ink cartridge required!
* EMV 2000 Level 1 Smart Card Reader
* Bi-Direction 2 Track Magnetic Card Reader

To view a GPRS coverage map please click here.
To download the Apriva service agreement click here.

Apriva GPRS Wireless Service

All merchants receiving wireless credit card machines from Total Merchant Services will automatically include a free setup with Apriva GPRS network. Apriva® uses the GPRS, CDMA and Mobiitex networks, reaching more than 90 percent of the metropolitan areas of the United States. GPRS is the next generation wireless for merchants and offers faster transaction times and greater coverage area. GPRS works with a SIM chip like your mobile phone and can roam network providers operating a GPRS tower. Because large carriers support these new networks, you’re assured coverage almost anywhere. A credit sale on a GPRS network can take as little as 3 seconds to complete. With GPRS, you can “roam” at no additional cost on all of the following GPRS carriers:

So what are you waiting for? Free equipment, no application fees or other enrollment costs of any type, free customer support and terminal maintenance, great rates and fees and world class customer service to boot. Simply stated we want your business and are willing to go the extra mile to earn it! Take advantage of this great offer right now by clicking on the application link below. The process only takes about 15 minutes!